The Car Review Database 

Car Review Database  
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The Car Review Database  

Car reviews are one of the oldest and most trusted sources of information about car buying and sales. They are also a useful way to identify quality sellers with trusty input. Fortunately, these days it’s easy to keep your car reviews on the up and up with the Car Review Database (CDR). That means you can list your car reviews (at no cost to you) in a publicly searchable database so you can re-read them whenever you’d rather not spend time looking at an MK5 Ford Thunderbird. To start, sign up for an account at the Car Review Database, then log in and create an account page that lists your information, such as make, model, year, engine, and color. You can also search for specific models or locations using keywords like ‘diamondbacks’ or ‘concerns’. 

What is the Car Review Database? 

The Car Review Database (CDR) is a collection of 6,500 pre-loved car reviews and photos from all 60+ million+ American car owners. The goal of the database is to be an online resource for everyone from new car enthusiasts to seasoned pros neighborhood by neighborhood. You can view local listings, view reviews of nearby businesses, search for past car reviews, and much more. You can search for specific models or locations, or browse through the database to see what’s new or different. If you see something that’s not in the database, it means that the car was recently reported stolen or VA-vetted. In other words, it’s likely vintage.

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What will be included in the database? 

All Road tests, Car Reviews, Checked 3/4 Mile, and Roadside Attentions are added to the database, along with many custom-made aftermarket accessories and parts. 

Why do we care about cars in our database? 

You might be one of the lucky few (if you own a car) that owns a highly collectible car and knows it’s worth thousands of dollars. Knowing the true condition of your car and its worth can help you save a lot of money on purchases and make smart financial decisions. 

How to add your information to the database

Log onto the car review website, like this one, and click on the “additional information” link. 2. Choose your vehicle, and then click on the “edit information” button. 3. Put your information in the database, and then click on the “update information” button. 4. Wait a few minutes before heading out to the dealership to pick up the car you’re aiming to sell. When you’re finished there, head to Carbin’s website, and click on “add new information”

Advantages of a CDDB 

– A place to list, share, and ratings Cast all your car reviews – Easily search for specific models or locations using keywords like ‘diamondbacks’ or ‘concerns’ – Reviews are fun and easy to add to the database – Updated on a regular Car Review Database  basis with new reviews, photos, and information about previous cars – You can also view lots of other useful information like ratings, reviews by other customers, price range, Mileage, and much more – Disadvantages of a CDDB – No-one will ever look at your car and knows what it is worth – The only way to find out is to drive the car home from the dealer 

Create a free account at the Car Review Database 

You can sign up for a free account at the Car Review Database, like this one, and view all the information about your vehicle. Simply click on the “additional information” button, and then fill in your information such as make, model, year, gear, and color. When you’re done, click on “apply link” to access the link- QR codes can be in any format, so long as they are unique. You will not be required to steal a receipt, and you will not need a special license to drive your car. If you have questions or problems with the application process, contact the dealer. 

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