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Drive an Original Model T or Model A Ford
                                 You can choose to drive one of the following:

      Model T Fords
1915 Touring Car

This was Ford's economy family car. Advertisements read "It would carry a family of five". The cost of the 1915 Touring car was $490, only $50 more than the Runabout
1922 Touring Car

The radiator and trim were now all black. The price was dropped to $355. Electric starters were offered a $65 option (all of our cars after 1919 have electric starters, no need to crank.)

1926 Touring Car

The body of this Touring car resembles a Model A Ford. The gas tank is no longer under the seat but under the cowl. No need to back up a hill when you don't have a full tank of gas. The price of the 1926 Touring car was originally $290.

    Model A Fords
Model A's first appeared in 1928 and were a definite improvement over the Model T. Having twice the horse power, four wheel brakes, and a standard three speed transmission.

  1928 Model A Touring Car

Called by Ford a Phaeton and originally sold for $395.00 FOB, Detroit. The Phaeton was the family car which carried five people, Mom and Dad with three children - top folds down allowing a full view of the park.

  1929 Model A Roadster With Rumble Seat

Originally sold for $385.00 for $20.00 more you could add a rumble seat which allowed you to carry more people. The Roadster we offer comes complete with a rumble seat - this is a great place for the children while seeing the park.

    We offer both Model A Roadsters and Touring cars

                       ~All With The Tops Down~







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