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Drive into history with a Model T Ford and relive a slower pace of life. Picture yourself driving a Model T Ford as you wind your way up the back roads to Yosemite National Park. The road you are driving on seems to have been lifted out of history. You will forge streams that cut across your path. You have chosen a "road less traveled".

 5 Night/6 Day Tour

Day One & Two:
Day Three & Four:
Day Five & Six:
Tin Lizzie Inn
Ahwahnee Hotel
Wawona Hotel
Tours are flexible and can be customized. Lodging is only recommended and can be changed depending on availability.


Day 1:  
Your T Tour starts at the beautiful Tin Lizzie Inn which is at the Southern entrance to Yosemite National Park. Arrive early, between 1:00 and 4:00 pm, for room registration and assignment of your “Model T”- at that time you will be given a time for your driving lesson. You will have time to relax in your suite, take a walk in the Sierras, or test your skills driving the Model “T” before dinner.


Day 2:  

Enjoy breakfast at the Inn before you start your day. Today you have many special options with your little "T". A picnic lunch will be packed for you to enjoy along your way. You might want to take a leisurely tour on one of the old dirt roads passing streams, wild flowers and vistas you will long remember. This tour will take about one to two hours. Stop by a stream and enjoy your special packed lunch and let the cares of the world drift away. OR, you might decide to travel to the land of THE BIG TREES known as Mariposa Grove of the Giant Sequoias and meet the oldest known giant sequoia in the world known as the Grizzly Giant. Mariposa Grove has 250 of these majestic redwoods, which are nearly 3,000 years old, and is only a short drive from Tenaya Lodge. You will also have time to travel to the acclaimed Wawona Golf Course which is one of California's oldest mountain courses offering a challenging nine-hole, par 35 course that winds through alpine meadow. Imagine all of this and a Model "T" too. Take your time, as the day is yours. The evening holds elegant dinners at one of the fine restaurants in the area.

Day 3:  

After breakfast you will start your exciting and unforgettable journey to the Yosemite Valley Floor. Walk around the beautiful grounds of the Tin Lizzie Inn for the last time before you fire up that little “T”. As you prepare to go to the Yosemite Valley Floor, you may want to pack a picnic lunch, don't forget your camera, and drive to Glacier Point. It is about a two-hour drive but it is well worth it.

Glacier Point can overwhelm you with the vast scenery. Here is a birds eye view of Yosemite Valley from the top of a 3200-foot shear cliff. Across the Valley, Yosemite Falls makes its majestic 2425-foot drop. The high Sierra's panoramic expanse from the North and the East will amaze you with its grandeur. THIS IS YOSEMITE!

If you can tear yourself away from the spectacular view, you might make it for afternoon tea at The Ahwahnee Hotel. The drive from Glacier Point to the Valley is 32 miles. It will take you about an hour and a half. You don't really have to rush, they serve tea tomorrow too. As you pass through the tunnel, look over the valley below, you have climbed a long way in that little Ford. Now you know why the Model T was so popular.

Tonight you will relax in the Ahwahnee Hotel, which was opened in 1927. Designated a National Historic Landmark, Ahwahnee is a grand hotel nestled in a wooded setting with spectacular views.

For evening dinner you will dine in the grand ballroom of the Ahwahnee with its 34' tall windows stretching from the floor to the ceiling which gives it the title “the most beautiful restaurant in America”. The native word “Ahwahnee” translates “a place of the Gaping Mouth." After dinner you might want to enjoy actor Lee Stentsons portrayal of John Muir or you just might want to sit, relax, and reflect.


Day 4:  

Wake up to breathtaking views of Yosemite from your suite. This may be a great time to have breakfast served in your room and plan your days activities. If you missed Glacier Point you can take a guided tour. Consult the Yosemite activity scheduled events desk. Maybe you just want to take your camera, a picnic lunch, and the Model T to explore on your own. Don't forget afternoon tea at the Ahwahnee.

After dinner you will again hear more about Yosemite through the stories of John Muir. You may want to take an evening walk and enjoy the beauty of the valley at night for the last time.


Day 5:  
Today you leave the Valley Floor for the Wawona Hotel built in 1870. This hotel is a great example of Californian Victorian architecture. Today, like yesterday, is a leisurely day. Your drive to the Wawona will take about an hour and half. When you arrive, you can play a round of golf (let us know so we can arrange a Tee time), explore the country by horseback, or even explore the back roads in your Model T. You might want to spend some time at Pioneer Village or just relax on the grand porch of the Wawona.


Day 6:  

Wake up to the splendor of the tall Sugar Pines and Giant Redwoods. Breakfast will be served in the dining room of the 1870 Wawona Hotel. Today will be the last day of your trip but you will still have time for a round of golf or take that last side trip before returning to the Tin Lizzie Inn for your car and journey home.

It is our hope that after your tour with us, you will have experienced God's majestic beauty as well as the courteous service and care from our T-Tour staff.


  3 & 4 Day Tour:

The 3 & 4 day tour takes in the same activities as the 6 day tour with the exception of 2 nights lodging at the Ahwahnee Hotel. The three-day tour will include lodging at the beautiful Tin Lizzie Inn. You will not be changing hotels as on the six day tour. If you choose a four-day tour, The four-day tour will include Lodging at the Wawona.

All Tours are recommendations only and can be customized for each individual or couples needs – lodging and meals can be changed in the cost if you prefer to make your own arrangements.







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